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BA LLB Hons. Course structure, duration, eligibility & Fees

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB) Honours is a professional law degree that can be pursued immediately following the completion of Class 12th. BA LLB (Hons) is a five-year law degree that includes an integrated course. Candidates on a BA LLB (Hons) study are taught both Arts and Law disciplines.

Candidates have provided information not just through classroom teaching methods, but also through case studies and moot courts as part of the BA LLB (Hons) degree.

BA LLB (Hons) Course Structure

Type of Degree Bachelors
Full Form of Degree Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws with Honours
Duration of course 5 Years.
Age criteria 19-21 years
Minimum Percentage required 50% in 10 + 2
Average Fees of course 30,000 to 1 lakh
Average Salary 3.7 lakh
Job Roles Attorney General, Human Resource Manager, District & Sessions Judge, Sub-Magistrate, Advocate, Public Prosecutor, Solicitor, Legal Advisor, Legal Manager, Associate Attorney

What is BA LLB Hons.?

Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Legislative Law is the full version of BA LLB. BA LLB is a five-year professional integrated law programme that includes an interdisciplinary study of law and legislative, as well as Arts stream disciplines like sociology and history.

LLB BA Students can apply for admissions as soon as they finish their Class 12th board exams. Students must take a variety of national and state-level entrance tests, such as CLAT, AILET, and MH CET Law, among others.

BA LLB Hons Eligibility Criteria

Passing the Higher Secondary School Examination (10+2) system or an equivalent examination with an aggregate of not less than 50% of the total marks is the basic eligibility criteria for pursuing a B.A. L.L.B. Honours Course. For entrance to the Foreign Nationals Category, students must have obtained a score of 65 percent on the Higher Secondary School Examination (10+2) or an equivalent examination. This criterion differs from one institution to the next.

The All India Entrance Examination is used to determine admission to the first year of the 5-year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) Degree Program.

How can I get into a BA LLB Hons programme?

To ensure a smooth admissions process for BA LLB Hons., students should familiarise themselves with the course's qualifying requirements. Students must first apply for the National Law Entrance Examination before beginning the enrollment procedure. They can apply for the admission exam by visiting the official website and completing the online registration form.

Process of Selection

Each college's selecting method for BA LLB Hons. varies depending on their discretion. The cut-offs in the entrance tests and the final grades in the 10+2 are used by most colleges to determine admission.

Popular BA LLB Hons Entrance Exams

Most of the popular universities in India carry out entrance exams to select applicants who wish to enrol in the BA LLB (Hons) courses they offer. Popular subjects asked in the BA LLB (Hons) entrance exam include English, general knowledge, numerical skills, legal aptitude, and reasoning. Candidates can take some popular statutory entrance exams for admission to the following BA LLB (Hons) courses.

  • CLAT
  • LSAT

India's Top 10 BA LLB Hons Colleges

Thousands of courses in all fields are available at India's numerous institutions and universities. In India, there are many BA LLB Colleges that offer both undergraduate and postgraduate law degrees.

The following table lists some of the best universities in India that provide a BA LLB degree, as well as their average cost structure.

S No. Law Colleges in India
1 National Law School of India University Bangalore
2 NALSAR University of Law Hyderabad
3 Gujarat National Law University Gandhinagar
4 The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences Kolkata
5 Symbiosis Law School Pune
6 National Law University new Delhi
7 Amity Law School New Delhi
8 Faculty of Law BHU Varnasi
9 CRM University Bangalore
10 Amity Law School Delhi

BA LLB Hons Fee Structure

The cost of the BA LLB Hons course is determined by the college to which students choose to apply. The competition of the course, the faculty of the course, the college's infrastructure, and other variables all have an impact on how much the course will cost. The usual course fee of BA LLB Hons. is between INR 30,000 and 1.25 lakhs per annum (LPA).

The typical fee structure of some top BA LLB Hons schools is listed below:

S No. Law Colleges in India Fees structure
1 National Law School of India University Bangalore 8,70,000
2 NALSAR University of Law Hyderabad 4,25,000
3 Gujarat National Law University Gandhinagar 10,60,000
4 The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences Kolkata 3,05,000
5 Symbiosis Law School Pune 17,75,000
6 National Law University New Delhi 4,25,000
7 Jamia Millia Islamia 52,000
8 Aligarh Muslim University 60,000
9 Punjab University 300,000
10 Christ University 900,000

BA LLB Hons Syllabus and Subjects

BA LLB Hons is a five-year undergraduate programme in which students study Bachelor of Arts as a secondary subject for the first two years. The Hons degree differs from a basic LLB degree in that it allows students to specialise in a particular area of law that interests them the most. There are 10 semesters in all, and students can choose electives based on their chosen specialisation.

The following are some of the general topics of BA LLB Hons. covered by all colleges:

Year I (Sem. I) of BA LLB Hons.
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Legal Method
2 Law of Torts I
3 History of Legal & Constitutional Development
4 Political Science I
5 English I
Sem. II BA LLB Hons.
1 Law of Contracts I
2 Law of Torts II
3 Criminal Law I
4 Political Science II
5 English II
Year II (Sem. III) BA LLB Hons.
1 Law of Contracts II
2 Family Law I
3 Criminal Law II
4 Economics & Law I
5 Sociology I
Sem. IV BA LLB Hons.
1 Law of Property
2 Family Law II
3 Law and Poverty
4 Economics & Law II
5 Sociology II
Year III (Sem. V) BA LLB Hons.
1 Jurisprudence I
2 Constitutional Law I
3 Administrative Law
4 CPC & Law of Limitation
5 Law of Evidence
Sem. VI BA LLB Hons.
1 Jurisprudence II
2 Constitutional Law II
3 Clinic I (ADR)
4 International Law
5 Labour Laws
Year IV (Sem. VII) BA LLB Hons.
1 Corporate Law I
2 Environmental Law
3 Intellectual Property Rights Law
4 Banking Law and Negotiable Instruments
5 Seminar Course I
Sem. VIII BA LLB Hons.
1 Corporate Law II
2 Taxation Laws
3 Cyber Laws
4 Clinic II
5 Seminar Course II
Year V (Sem. IX) BA LLB Hons.
1 International Trade Law
2 Judicial Process & Interpretation of Statutes
3 Clinic III
4 Seminar Course III
5 Seminar Course IV
Sem. X BA LLB Hons.
1 Law of Insurance
2 Human Rights, International Humanitarian & Refugee Law
3 Clinic IV (Court Management & Practical Training)
4 Seminar Course V
5 Seminar Course VI

Why should you pursue a BA LLB Hons degree?

BA LLB an integrated LLB degree that provides comprehensive expertise in the Indian legal system. This course not only focuses on theoretical knowledge, but also helps you understand the dynamics of the actual application of the law in real-life situations.

BA LLB Hons. helps improve a variety of skills, including problem-solving, complex thinking, high thinking ability, reasoning and critical judgement skills.

BA LLB Hons Graduate Preparation Tips

Students must ensure that they are fully prepared for the course BA LLB Hons. before beginning it. They can accomplish so by reading over the syllabus ahead of time and grasping the fundamental topics they will encounter. They can also choose to connect with the course's alumni and get in touch with them to learn about their expectations and experiences from the course so that they know what to expect from the college and the course.

After graduating with a BA LLB Hons, career options.

There are several job options for BA LLB Hons graduates in both the corporate and public sectors. Because of the knowledge and experience that students receive as students, the employment roles that are available to them are incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

Job Roles Job Profile
Lecturer In a college or university, a lecturer will create and teach law lessons and classes, as well as teach law students the fundamentals of the Indian legal system.
Law Officer The Legal Officer is responsible for managing all legal aspects of the organisation. Their main task is to protect the organisation from legal issues and solve them.
Legal Associate A legal associate works with customers to understand their needs and then express them in a formal legal manner. They normally work in a law firm or under the supervision of a senior and well-respected lawyer.
Junior Lawyer Junior lawyers are new lawyers who have only recently begun their legal careers. To develop the necessary skills and experience, they work under the supervision of seasoned advocates and lawyers.
Legal Expert Advisor Legal advisors create and present content in large forums to educate internal and external clients on various legal issues and other regulatory developments that affect plans and programs, and on company strategies and regulations. I will advise you.
Corporate Lawyer They are commercial law professionals, and their work is primarily focused on providing advice and help to businesses and clients in the commercial and corporate sectors.

BA LLB Hons Graduate Career Prospects and Job Scope

The range of careers after BA LLB Hons is wide and recent graduates vary as education prepares for the various challenges they may face in the workplace. New graduates of this course have an advantage over other students because, unlike the general LLB course, they not only learn about the legal system, but also have the opportunity to become familiar with certain aspects of the law for their honours degree.

  • District & Sessions Judge
  • Law Officer
  • Attorney General
  • Law Reporter
  • Magistrate
  • Legal Advisor
  • Munsif (Sub-Magistrate)
  • Notary
  • Trustee
  • Public Prosecutor

BA LLB Hons Graduates are recruited in the following areas:

BA LLB Hons placements provide several options for young lawyers to develop a rewarding career path. Students acquire a competitive advantage in the job market as a result of their specialisation, making them more employable. Following is a list of different industries where BA LLB Hons graduates can find work:

  • Judiciary
  • Business Houses
  • Revenue Department & Excise Departments
  • Sales Tax & Excise Departments
  • Judiciary/Courts
  • Banks
  • Educational Institutes
  • Banks

Scope of higher education

International students can also pursue BA LLB Hons. for future career options. Many universities around the world offer students the opportunity to study this course. In addition, interested students can choose the LLM of their chosen discipline. It also increases your chances of building a career in the country of interest. Some of the courses students can take are:

LLM (Master of Laws): An LLM is a postgraduate legal degree. After earning an LLB, many people seek an LLM to become experts in one of the many specialties available in LLM programmes, such as International Law, Corporate Law, Business Law, and Criminal Law. Candidates interested in pursuing an LLM degree must meet the qualifying conditions outlined below. To pursue an LLM, you must have an LLB or Bachelor of Law degree with at least a 50 percent aggregate grade and be at least 17 years old.

PhD: Students who pass the LLM with 55 percent points from an accredited university are eligible for a PhD course. There are entrance exams and interviews for the course. Every university in India has its own type of PhD. Entry test (PET). After passing the PET, you can get a PhD. It is allowed. program. A guide is available and an interview with the RAC (Research Assignment Committee) is required. Applicants are required to submit a research proposal along with the application form.

MBA: Students must have a 50 percent average in their undergraduate degree from any field in order to apply for an MBA programme. All India Entrance Exams are frequently used to acquire MBA admissions. The cost of applying for an MBA programme varies between INR 1500 and INR 2500. MBA admissions are based on a group discussion and a personal interview after the entrance exams.

BA LLB Hons Graduation Salary Package

Many factors affect the salaries that BA LLB graduates earn in India. Factors that influence the salary of BA LLB Hons include experience, location, and company size. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of recent graduates is 3.7 LPA Indian Rupees.

Job Roles Annual Salary in INR
Legal Manager 5.4 lakh
Legal Associate 2.9 lakh
Independent Advocate 3 lakh

Candidates with a BA LLB Hons private jobs.

After completing BA LLB Hons, there are several career prospects, with an average graduate salary of INR 3.7 LPA. The following are some of the job titles:

Top Private MNCs Annual Salary
Khaitan and Co. INR 2.8 LPA
J. Sagar Associates INR 3.2 LPA
Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan INR 7 LPA

Candidates with a BA LLB Hons degree may apply for government jobs.

Fresh graduates of BA LLB Hons. will find plenty of possibilities in the government sector, as the government requires attorneys to ensure that the legal laws and systems are followed. A fresh graduate's average pay of BA LLB Hons. is roughly INR 3.2 LPA.

Top Government Organisations Annual Salary
Ministry of Home Affairs INR 3LPA
Ministry of Finance INR 3 LPA

BA LLB vs BA LLB Hons.

Candidates have provided information not just through classroom teaching methods, but also through case studies and moot courts as part of the BA LLB (Hons) degree. The main difference between a BA LLB and a BA LLB (Hons) programme is that the latter provides in-depth instruction on several law topics.

BA LLB Hons graduate salary

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of BA LLB Hons graduates in India is 3.7 LPA. This value may vary depending on city, years of experience, designation, etc.

Job Roles Annual Salary in INR
Lecturer 4.5 lakh
Law Officer 4.8 lakh
Legal Associate 4.5 lakh
Junior Lawyer 2.16 lakh
Legal Expert Advisor 6 lakh
Corporate Lawyer 5 lakh


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