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M.Tech Information Technology Course structure, duration, eligibility and fees

MTech Information Technology or M.Tech IT is a two-year post-graduate degree programme that seeks to teach both theoretical and practical knowledge on computer-based information systems' advanced fundamentals.

M.Tech Information Technology Course Details

Type of Degree Masters
Full Form of degree Master of Technology in Information Technology
Duration of degree 2 Years.
Age criteria No age restriction
Minimum Percentage required 50-60% marks in Bachelors
Average Fees of course 20,000 to 100,000 INR
Similar areas of Study M.Tech Nanotechnology, M.Tech Computer Engineering, M.Tech Biotechnology
Average Salary 6 lakh INR
Job Roles Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Developer, Assistant Professor, Senior Software Programmer, Software engineer

What is M.Tech Information Technology

MTech Information Technology is a two-year postgraduate degree programme in computer programming, software engineering, wireless communication, intelligent systems, and other related fields.

The course for MTech Information technology covers a wide range of programming languages, as well as components of computer-based IT system design, development, implementation, support, and management.Installing computer software, constructing complicated computer network systems, databases, and other topics will be covered in this course.

M.Tech Information Technology Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must have a bachelor's degree in engineering or a master's degree in science with a grade point average (CPI) that does not fall below the minimum requirements for mTech Information technology.

M.Tech Information Technology Admissions Process

In order to acquire direct admission to Mtech Information technology without GATE, you must meet the following requirements:

A BTech degree with qualifying examination grades is required.

You should have worked for at least two years if you have a funded seat.

The employer must provide you with a two-year study leave.

What is the procedure for applying?

Aspirants can apply for the M.Tech in Information Technology programme either online or offline. The applicants are selected based on their undergraduate degree course grades as well as their scores on the Information Technology-related admission tests. Aspirants can enrol for M.Tech Information Technology by getting an application form from the university's website or the college's website.

Process of Selection

The M.Tech Information Technology programme is selected based on the admission exam score and marks earned in 12th/10th grade and undergraduate degree courses. Aspirants are assigned seats based on several M.Tech IT eligibility requirements that they have met after the university performs a written test, personal interview, counselling, and group discussion.

Popular M.Tech Information Technology Entrance Exams

For graduates to get a seat for the course in a reputed college or university, appearing for entrance exams is a necessary criterion, along with a good merit score.

NIRF Rank 2020 MTech College Admission test
5 IIT Kharagpur GATE
33 NIT Surathkal GATE + CCMT Counselling
62 DTU New Delhi GATE + Interview
85 PSGCT Coimbatore GATE/ TANCET + Counselling
85 BIT Ranchi GATE
103 IIIT Allahabad GATE

India's Top 10 M.Tech Information Technology Colleges

The top colleges for M.Tech Information technology in India according to their rankings and location are as:

NIRF Rank 2020 MTech College Location
5 IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur
33 NIT Surathkal Surathkal
62 DTU New Delhi New Delhi
85 PSGCT Coimbatore Coimbatore
85 BIT Ranchi Ranchi
103 IIIT Allahabad Allahabad

M.Tech Information Technology Fee Structure

The fees structure for M.Tech Information technology the popular colleges in India is as:

NIRF Rank 2020 MTech College Annual fees in INR
5 IIT Kharagpur 1,30,000
33 NIT Surathkal 100,000
62 DTU New Delhi 1,66,000
85 PSGCT Coimbatore 1,54,000
85 BIT Ranchi 2,31,000
103 IIIT Allahabad 2,80,000

Syllabus and Subjects for M.Tech Information Technology

The syllabus or the curriculum for M.Tech Information technology is given below which is similar in all the MTech engineering colleges with some differences:

M.Tech Information Technology Semester-I Subjects
Sr. No. Subjects to Study in Sem 1
1 Advance in Databases
2 Advanced Computer Architecture
3 Advances In Data Structures and Algorithms
4 Integrated Software Engineering Methodology
5 Probability and Statistical Methods
6 Elective- I
7 Data Structures Lab
M.Tech Information Technology Semester-II Subjects
1 Advanced Java and Internet
2 Advanced Operating Systems
3 Data Science and Analytics
4 Distributed and Cloud Computing
5 Network Engineering
6 Elective- II
7 Distributed Systems Lab
M.Tech Information Technology Semester-III Subjects
1 Cryptography and Information Security
2 Wireless and Mobile Networks
3 Elective- III, & IV
4 Technical Seminar and Report Writing
5 Project Work Phase- I
M.Tech Information Technology Semester-IV Subjects
1 Project Work Phase- II
Elective Subjects in MTech Information Technology
3G and 4G Wireless Networks
Artificial Intelligence
Ad hoc Mobile Wireless Networks
Advance Computer Graphics and Animation
Building Internet of Things
Cyber Forensics
Compiler Design
Computer Vision

Why should you get a master's degree in information technology?

Software Developers, IT Specialists, Quality Analysts, Oracle PL/SQL Developers, Computer Programmers, PHP Developers, Technical Consultants, Network Engineers, and other MTech Information Technology graduates can find work as Software Developers, IT Specialists, Quality Analysts, Oracle PL/SQL Developers, Computer Programmers, PHP Developers, Technical Consultants, Network Engineers, and other positions. Between INR 3,00,000 and INR 20,00,000 is the typical income of MTech Information technology graduates.

M.Tech Information Technology Preparation Tips

It can be made much easier as preparing for college tests for MTech Information technology if the candidate takes some precautions while studying for GATE. Students must concentrate on the key courses. For the preparation of such competitive tests, mental presence is a vital aspect. To prepare for exams for MTech Information technology , always attempt to stick to the standard publications that are accessible on the market. Prepare essential notes while studying so that the candidate may easily memorise the sections.

Information Technology Career Options After an M.Tech

India's IT industry has gained a lot of international acclaim. MTech IT-related occupations and career opportunities are predicted to expand by at least 6% this year.

Students may be able to work for reputable IT organisations such as Accenture, IBM, Wipro, Cognizant Technologies, and Infosys, among others.Software Developer, IT Specialist, Quality Analyst, Oracle PL/SQL Developer, Computer Programmer, PHP Developer, Technical Consultant, Network Engineer, and more positions are available to them.

M.Tech Information Technology Career Prospects and Job Scope

A master's degree in information technology improves your professional skills and establishes a strong social industrial network that allows you to secure top-notch positions.As one obtains more expertise in the technical field, there are opportunities to move into management positions.

The average M.Tech IT income in India is roughlyRs 600,000 for graduates. The typical compensation package for M.Tech Information Technology graduates varies depending on the firm, recruiting, talents, and competency of the graduates, as well as the city in which they are placed for work.

The following are some of the greatest career opportunities for M.Tech Information Technology Freshers.

  • Software Developer
  • Testing Engineer
  • IT Coordinator
  • System Analyst

M.Tech Information Technology Recruitment Areas

MTech Information technology graduates have a plethora of work prospects in technological domains. Any graduate who has completed the MTech Information technology degree can find work in practically any sector in India. MTech Information technology graduates are hired as consultants, subject matter experts, researchers, managers, and other positions in addition to engineering. Some of the most common job roles for MTech Information technology graduates are listed below.

Higher Education's Potential

PhD programmes in information technology are available to students after MTech Information technology. It's a three-year PhD programme that teaches advanced programming language, data processing, telecommunications, statistics, data analysis, and other topics.

M.Tech Information Technology Graduates' Salary Packages

Fresh MTech in Information Technology graduates can expect to earn between $5,000 and $20,000 on average. This is extremely high in comparison to other engineering fields, the global market for MTech IT graduates.

Job Role Annual Salary in INR
Software Engineer 6 lakh
Senior Software Engineer 6.7 lakh
Software Developer 3 lakh
Software Specialist 13.5 lakh
Project Leader 11 lakh

M.Tech Information Technology engineers in Government Jobs

Nowadays the IT Sector has grown a lot. Firstly if you are willing to start your career with MTech IT then you need to know all the details regarding Information Technology. Information Technology is a computer support person where you can work for various companies.

Latest Govt. Jobs for IT 2022:

Company Location Position Eligibility
NIT Warangal Junior research fellow
NIT Warangal Senior research fellow
NIT Meghalaya Junior research fellow M.Tech
SIDBI Pan India Consultant M.Tech
BRCIL Noida IT Consultant M.Tech
Ministry of Defence Odisha Junior research fellow M.Tech
Dr.B R Ambedkar national Institute of Technology Jalandhar Junior research fellow M.Tech

M.Tech Information Technology Job Openings in the Private Sector

MTech Information technology degrees are in high demand in every field. Every organisation, whether private or public, large or little, hires engineers in various capacities. Following is a list of some of the top organisations that are hiring MTech information technology graduates after completing a two-year programme.

Job Role Annual Average Salary
Senior Software engineer ?1,011,118
Software engineer ?592,978
Software developer ?794,398
Senior project engineer ?604,814
Senior software engineer/ developer ?777,267

M.Tech Information Technology Job Opportunities Abroad

As the world becomes more digital, the demand for talented individuals in the fields of computer science, information technology, and software engineering grows. According to Jobbank Canada, MTech IT jobs in Canada increased at a rate much faster than the average for all occupations for the period. Furthermore, it is estimated that 27,500 new job positions for MTech IT will be available between 2019 and 2028.

The starting wage of a M.Tech IT degree holder in Canada is 57,772 CAD (33,96,000 INR) per year or 29.63 CAD (1,742 INR) per hour, making it one of the highest paying positions in the country. This is 2.1 times greater than the country's median wage. Salaries vary depending on where you work and how much experience you have.

Leading Corporations

The top international companies that hire M.Tech Information Technology students are listed below:

Google Morgan Stanley
Apple Schlumberger
Microsoft ITC Limited
Infosys Technologies Sysmex
IBM Global Services ISRO
Accenture Services Mahindra and Mahindra Limited
HCL Technologies Triveni Turbine Limited
Qualcomm ICICI
Samsung HSBC
Intel Siemens
EXL Flipkart
Amazon Cairn
Mckinsey Knowledge Centre Rubrik and Uber

Top Countries

The following is a list of some of the top countries that offer job chances to M.Tech Information Technology students around the world:

  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Singapore
  • UK
  • Germany

M.Tech Information Technology Graduate's Salary

The average salary of MTech Information technology according to payscale is approximately as:

Job Title Range Average
Senior Software engineer ?502k - ?2m ?1,011,118
Software engineer ?257k - ?2m ?592,978
Software developer ?326k - ?2m ?794,398
Senior project engineer ?412k - ?900k ?604,814
Senior software engineer/ developer ?381k - ?2m ?777,267
Project manager ?427k - ?2m (Estimated *) ?925,021
Team leader , IT ?832k - ?2m (Estimated *) ?1,505,645


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