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M.Tech Process Engineering Course Details, Admission, Eligibility and Fees

M.Tech Process Engineering is the post graduation which is of duration of 2 years and is full time and it is for the processes related to design, control, operation and optimization of physical, chemical and biological methods. Students get the course knowledge regarding the raw material and the finished materials. These study programmes of M.Tech process engineering give the career opportunities to the students and they can get jobs as Process design engineer, plant modification engineer , process plant and equipment design engineer, research and development engineer in different areas.

M.Tech Process Engineering Course Content

Degree course Masters
Programme name Master of Technology in Process Engineering
Duration of course 2 Years.
Age eligibility No restriction of age
Minimum required Percentage 50% in graduation
Average Fees of course INR 40,000 - 2.5 lakh per year
Average Salary package INR 3- 8 lakh per year
Job roles Process Development Engineer, Design Engineer, Process Design Engineer, Business Process Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Research & Development Engineer,etc.
Employment Opportunities Adani Group, Deloitte, Gas Authority of India Ltd, General Motors, Indigo Airlines, Infosys, Jindal Steel Factory, Kingfisher, L&T, Reliance, Bhel, NTPC, etc.

M.Tech Engineering Course

M.Tech Process Engineering is a two year program in post graduation and is related to the study of design, control, operation and optimization of processes. It is the study program dealing in the transformation of the raw materials into the new finished products.M.Tech study is the degree of masters in the area of engineering and students study about the aspects of mechanical engineering in detail.

According to various websites, the process engineering is also called Process design engineering and is based on the concepts of the conversion of the raw material to the finished product.There are different specialisations in this field such as Chemical, petrochemical, agriculture, mineral processing, food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

Eligibility For M.Tech process engineering

The course of M.Tech Process engineering is for those students only who are eligible on the basis of the criteria.The students who have cleared their B.E or B.Tech with 50% marks are eligible for the M.Tech Process engineering or the students who have done Master degree with science and maths subjects.There is no age restriction for admission into the course of M.Tech Process engineering.Apart from that the students must clear the entrance examinations such as GATE.

Admission in M.Tech Process engineering

The admission into M.Tech Process engineering the students must meet the eligibility criteria and the colleges offer an admission on the basis of the national examinations such as GATE and many of the colleges have either own entrance exams also which the students have to clear to get an admission into the M.Tech process engineering.The application form can be taken from the university portal or directly from the university office. The given below are the steps to get an admission into M.Tech Process engineering:

Apply for M.Tech Process engineering

The students can directly apply on the university portal for an admission to the course of M.Tech process engineering.Both ethe offline and the online methods can be used to apply for the admission for this course.For the offline process of the admission the students must got to the university office for application form and the other formalities to be completed like filling the form, get the brochure for more information and submission of the required documents. And if the students wish to apply online then the students can download the application form from the website and submit the duly signed and filled form. The fees for the course can be submitted by the online mode or by the bank draft or cheque. After that the students can wait for the further processing of the application.

Selection Procedure

For M.Tech process engineering, the selection for the course is based on the entrance examinations as the national entrance exams and a few of the colleges have their own entrance examinations. The entrance exams decide their selection process as the merit list is there and the students are selected on the basis of the scores acquired in the entrance exam.Fulfilling the eligibility requirements for process engineering is on the basis of the entrance exams is mandatory and the students are given their admit cards by the college.The results of their exam are given to the students by email or the results are displayed on the university portal.

Common Entrance exams for M.Tech Process engineering

An entrance exam for an admission into M.Tech Process engineering is by the college entrance exams on the basis of which the students are offered the admission.In some educational institutes, the national entrance exam for process engineering is conducted such as GATE. The popular entrance exams are as:

  • Exam of TANCET
  • Exam of GATE
  • Exam of UPSEE
  • Exam of UPES MET

Look at Entrance exams of M.Tech Process engineering

The students seeking an admission into the M.Tech process engineering should go through the syllabus of the entrance exam and its pattern before appearing for the exam.The common pattern of the entrance exams is as:

  • 65 questions and the total marks is 100.
  • The duration of the qualifying exam is 3 hours or 180 minutes in all.
  • 3 sections common in all the exams are General aptitude, Engineering maths and the core subject areas.
  • The weightage of the maths is approximately 15% in the total score, the general aptitude is having the same weightage and the rest of the 70% is for the core areas of subjects.
  • GATE has two types of questions -Multiple choice questions and Numerical answer questions.

Top Colleges for M.Tech Process engineering in India

India has M.Tech process engineering colleges everywhere in almost every part of the country. The students can go for the top colleges for M.Tech process engineering on the basis of their merit score and the number of the top colleges for M.Tech Process engineering in India are as:

Location of College M.Tech process engineering college
Bombay IIT Bombay
Roorkee IIT Roorkee
Kanpur IIT Kanpur
Trichy NIT Trichy
Surathkal NIT Surathkal
Bhopal MANIT Bhopal
Pilani BITS Pilani
Bhubaneswar Institute of Technical education and research Bhubhneshwar
Dehradun UPES Dehradun
New Delhi Hindustan institute of technology and science

Fee of M.Tech Process Engineering

The fees of M.Tech process engineering in almost all the colleges in India is approximately the same as 40,000 to 2.5 lakh per year.But the fees structure of every college depends upon the type, where it is situated, and what facilities the college provides.

M.Tech process engineering college Fees (INR)on yearly basis
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology 80,000
Indian institute of Technology, Bombay 40,000
University of petroleum and energy studies, dehradun 240000
Indian Institute of Technology , roorkee 50,000
SRM University,Kanchipuram 150000

Syllabus pattern of M.Tech process Engineering

The duration of the study programme of M.Tech Process engineering is two years and there are four semesters in all. The students learn how to plan, design, install, operate, control and manage the systems for making the finished products from the raw materials.There are different subjects as biochemical engineering, gasification technology, polymer engineering, catalysis and catalytic materials and the student can choose any subject from these.The list of the main subjects are:

  • Transport phenomena
  • Chemical Engineering computing
  • Advanced thermodynamics
  • Chemical reactor engineering and design
  • Fluid flow and heat transfer equipment design

Why to study M.Tech process engineering?

The significant question is why the student should opt for M.Tech process engineering, then the student must explore the answers for the following questions such as What is the course of process engineering? And Why should one opt for M.Tech Process engineering?Let's find these answers:

What is an M.Tech process engineering programme?

M.Tech process engineering is the post graduation programme consisting of the two years which includes the study of design, control, operation and optimization of physical, chemical and biological processes.The M.Tech process engineering is the systematic approach to study chemical, petrochemical, agriculture, mineral processing, advanced material, food , pharmaceutical, software development, biotechnology and manufacturing industries, etc.This course is industry oriented which implies the practical application of the studied areas of M.Tech process engineering.The student in this study programme learn the technological skills of the production plants. The study programme has further various specialised fields as per the subjects of M.Tech process engineering.

What is an M.Tech process engineer’s work profile?

In the private and the government sector there are a wide range of employment opportunities for M.Tech process engineering in the designing, developing, installing and maintaining equipment which are utilised to supervise and manage the engineering processes. After completing the graduation in M.Tech process engineering , the students can have the work profile as Process development engineer, design engineer, process design engineer, business process engineer, chemical engineer, research and development engineer, etc. In this field the students can even go for the teaching profession.

For instance: Process development Engineer

The work of the Process development engineer is to plan, design and execute the cost effective production systems for many industries such as mining and manufacturing. The government set the standard guidelines for ensuring the quality standards in the work.

Why is an M.Tech process Engineer a Brilliant career option? Process engineer is the best engineering work profile as this career equipos the students of production engineering to work in the areas of oil and petrochemical companies, engineering consulting companies, water treatment plants, chemical manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing units, industries related to recycling and environmental protection, nuclear plants, insurance companies which deals in refinery and other units. There is a wide spectrum of job opportunities related to the study of M.Tech process engineering.

Career Path

M.Tech process engineering gives the process engineers the most promising career paths in developing the finished products from the raw materials.The career path is growing day by day in this profession. The high salary packages for M.Tech process engineers are offered in agriculture, petrochemical, oil refinery, biotechnology, manufacturing and industrial research. The students can also opt for the teaching profession in the same field.

Getting ready for M.Tech Process engineering

M.Tech process engineering is the advanced job prospect in the coming years and the students should get ready before the entrance exam for it. Some of the tips for getting admission into the study programme fo M.Tech process engineering:

  • Detailed Study- go for the detail of the study of the programme and its curriculum. After that go for the career path with the specialisation option.
  • Polish skills- for the study the maths and analytical skills are needed. Along with that communication skills are required.
  • Internship training- It will be helpful for the students for internships and work experience.
  • Be expert- Students must prepare for maths, and work under the challenging environment.

Higher education in M.Tech Process engineering

M.Tech process engineering is the post graduation programme which helps the students to pursue higher education after graduating in the field. There are different areas under M.Tech process engineering which the students can choose. There are various study areas under the main programme and even the students can opt for the work area in teaching profession.The different options for the students are as:

  • Doctorate in process engineering
  • Master of Business administration
  • Master of philosophy
  • Certificate in engineering

Salary Package of M.Tech process engineer

In India, the salary package of an M.Tech Process engineer is approximately 3 to 8 lakh per year. The salary gets incremented with the passage of the years and the expertise acquired by the engineer over the years.The student who graduates in the field of M.Tech process engineering can have the job opportunity as Process development engineer, design engineer, process design engineer, business process engineer and chemical engineer in the government and the private sectors.The degree of M.Tech process engineering give the work in sectors of chemical, petrochemical, agriculture,mineral processing, advanced material ,food, pharmaceutical, software development and biotechnological areas. This degree offers work and study opportunities after the completion of M.Tech process engineering.

Work opportunities after M.Tech process engineering

M.Tech process engineering gives a lot of work opportunities to the students as:

  • Process development engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Process design engineer
  • Business process engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Research and development engineer
  • Assistant professor
  • Consultant


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