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MTech Digital communication Course structure, duration, eligibility and fees

This degree programme of MTech in Digital communication focuses on the study of technology-based communication, such as social media, the internet, and mobile devices. It is commonly found as a specialist degree option for engineers in the engineering department of a school.

Hands-on training is provided to enrolled students of MTech Digital communication engineering in Network Simulator, Modern DSP, Antennas, and Advanced Digital Communication. In satellite communication, mobile communication, network security, IP telephony, radio, optical, and wired data communication systems, they are hired as Telecom Engineers.

M.Tech Digital Communication Course

Type of Degree Masters
Full Form of degree Master of Technology in Digital Communication
Duration of course 2 Years.
Age criteria No age restriction
Minimum Percentage required 50-60% marks
Average Fees of course 50,000 to 1.5 lakh
Average Salary 3.5 to 5 lakh
Job Roles Service Engineer, Software Analyst, Support Engineer, Assistant Professor, Senior Sales Manager, Technical Director
Job Opportunities Tech Mahindra, Sony, Samsung, Siemens, Idea, Cognizant, LG Electronics, Academic Institutions

What is M.Tech Digital communication?

The M.Tech. in Digital Communication programme is designed to produce skilled individuals who can successfully fulfil the demands of the rapidly evolving telecommunications sector. M.Tech digital communication Engineers that work in telecommunications are in charge of a wide range of communication technologies. They work on satellite and cable systems, as well as mobile phones, radio waves, the internet, and email.

M.Tech Digital Communication Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants for M.Tech Digital Communication admission in India must ensure that they match the eligibility criteria established by the colleges. Students must pass the entrance tests required by the colleges as part of the M.Tech Digital Communications eligibility criterion. They must also get the needed minimum aggregate marks for admission to their undergraduate programme. To apply for the M.Tech digital communication programme, you must be at least 25 years old. At both the national and college levels, the M.Tech Digital Communications admission test is administered.

Admissions 2022-23 M.Tech Digital communication

What is the procedure for applying?
The candidate must conduct research on the admission criteria and complete the application process online in order to be accepted into the Digital Communications programme. Aspirants can apply for the course in two ways: online and offline. The application and registration process can be completed online by visiting the college's website. Students would be required to upload proper documents and submit their entrance exam and UG marks online. Students can submit documents for offline admissions for MTech digital communication by visiting the college's admissions office and handing in the material.

Process of Selection

Students must meet all of the eligibility requirements in order to be admitted to the M.Tech in Digital Communications programme. The students are chosen for the course based on their performance in the entrance tests and their undergraduate degree. Students must ensure that their paperwork is prepared and submitted at the time of their admission. The outcome of the admissions process of MTech digital communication is communicated to students via the official website.

Popular M.Tech Digital Communication Entrance Exams

MTech digital communication Candidates for engineering graduate programmes should review the selection criteria of the institution or institute of their choosing. The most frequent admissions approach of MTech digital communication involves both an entrance exam and a student's merit.

  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)
  • Post Graduate Common Entrance Test (PGCET)
  • Orissa Joint Entrance Exam (OJEE)
  • Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam (UPSEE)
  • Birla Institute of Technical Sciences Higher Degree Exam (BITS HD)
  • Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test are some of the most widely used entrance exams (TANCET).
  • Candidates must take national level entrance examinations (such as GATE) or college-level common entrance exams.

Entrance tests assess a candidate's knowledge of communication concepts, mathematics, reasoning, and logical reasoning.

In India, the top ten B.Com M.Tech Digital Communication Colleges

There are numerous M.Tech Digital Communications colleges that offer cutting-edge education to students. The following is a list of India's top ten M.Tech Digital Communications colleges:

MTech Digital communication Colleges Location
M.S. Ramaiah university of applied science Bangalore
R V College of engineering Bangalore
Parul institute of engineering and technology Vadodara
Visvesvaraya technological university Belgaum
Jodhpur national university Jodhpur
Acropolis institute of technology and research Bhopal
Ambedkar institute of technology Delhi
BMS College of engineering Bangalore
CMR institute of technology Bangalore

M.Tech Digital Communication Fee Structure

In India, M.Tech Digital Communications fees range from INR 2 to 4 LPA. Depending on which college students wish to apply to, these fees might be paid annually or termly. Students can apply for scholarships to help defray the costs of their tuition. The M.Tech. in Digital Communications is a two-year programme. The prices for an M.Tech in Digital Communications in India are not set and might vary depending on a variety of criteria such as faculty, location, and facilities.

M.Tech engineering Colleges Location Annual Fees in INR
M.S. Ramaiah university of applied science Bangalore INR 3,50,000 P.A.
R V College of engineering Bangalore INR 1,35,000 P.A.
Parul institute of engineering and technology Vadodara INR 95,000 P.A.
Visvesvaraya technological university Belgaum INR 59,690 P.A.
Jodhpur national university Jodhpur INR 69,000 P.A.
Acropolis institute of technology and research Bhopal INR 1,22,000 P.A.
Ambedkar institute of technology Delhi INR 1,50,000 P.A.
BMS College of engineering Bangalore INR 90,440 P.A.
CMR institute of technology Bangalore INR 1,14,00

M.Tech Digital Communication Syllabus and Subjects

The course of MTech digital communication focuses heavily on the Digital Aspects of the Industry Revolution, with Customer Engagement and Revenue Generation being two of the most important subjective objectives to master. The following are some of the subjects included in the M.Tech in Digital Communications course syllabus:

Sem I Subjects Sem II Subjects
Linear algebra Wireless communication
Antenna theory and design RF and Microwave circuit design
Advanced digital communication Wireless and mobile networks
Probability and random processes Synthesis and optimization of digital circuits
Elective 1 Elective 2
Project/seminar Project phase I/ Seminar
Sem III Subjects Sem IV subjects
Error control coding Evaluation of project phase I
Elective 3 Evaluation of project phase II
Elective 4 Project work evaluation and viva voice
Project phase II -
Evaluation of project phase I -

What Makes M.Tech Digital Communication the Best Option?

Broadcasting, consultancy, data communication, entertainment, research and development, and system support are just a few of the manufacturing businesses and service firms that offer career opportunities for MTech digital communication.

M.Tech digital communication Candidates might also work in modern multimedia service organisations that use video conferencing and internet streaming to communicate information in real time.

Tips for M.Tech Digital Communication Preparation

Firstly, for preparing for M.Tech digital communication, establish a well-planned strategy and timetable - The first and most important stage is to prepare a well-planned strategy and schedule. Aspirants must make certain that they have allotted enough time. They must also ensure that relaxation time is included in their hectic study routine.

Secondly, for MTech digital communication, know the syllabus thoroughly - No amount of studying will be fruitless if the student is unfamiliar with the exam syllabus for the subject.

M.Tech Digital Communications Graduate's Job Prospects and Scope

Digital Electronics students have a lot of work opportunities. M.Tech in Digital communication graduates can work in service organisations and manufacturing industries such as data communication, broadcasting, research and development, consulting, and system support. These pupils of MTech digital communication may also be able to find work in current multimedia service companies. Development Centres, Indian Telephone Industries, A.I.R, Civil Aviation, NPL, Railways, Software Engineering, Television Industry, Hardware Manufacturing, Research & Development, Home Appliance and VLSI Design, and other areas use digital electronics students.

Graduates with an M.Tech in Digital Communications can work in a variety of fields.

These MTech digital communication graduates may also be able to find work in current multimedia service companies. Development Centres, Indian Telephone Industries, A.I.R, Civil Aviation, NPL, Railways, Software Engineering, Television Industry, Hardware Manufacturing, Research & Development, Home Appliance and VLSI Design, and other areas use digital electronics students.The other areas of work of MTech digital communication are:

  • Wireless communications
  • Satellite communications
  • Optical fibre communications
  • Real-time and embedded system designs
  • Microwave and antenna designs
  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • Image processing fields etc.

Higher Education's Potential

MTech digital communication candidates who choose to pursue further education might enrol in a doctoral programme at any reputable university. In order to be admitted to these courses, students must pass the GRE exam. Candidates must have received a high proportion of marks in their qualifying exam in order to sit for the exam.

The following are some of the most popular courses taken by M.Tech in Digital Communications students:

  • MBA
  • Ph.D
  • M.Phil

M.Tech Digital Communications Salary Packages

This degree of MTech digital communication qualifies you for a number of high-paying jobs in high-profile positions. They are among the highest paid professionals in any firm, which is one of the primary reasons why students choose digital communication engineering as a career.

Job Role MTech digital communication Freshers Experienced MTech digital communication engineers
Network Engineer Rs 389,675 Rs 518,403
Embedded Support Engineer Rs 165,097 Rs 400,000
Systems Engineer Rs 290,000 Rs 750,000
Electronics Engineer Rs 529,000 Rs 1 million

Jobs for M.Tech Digital Communications Graduates in the Private Sector

This branch of digital communication engineering is concerned with advanced communication principles such as analogue transmission, digital transmission and satellite communication.

Several industry analysts believe this is where technological improvements will go in the future. In the years ahead, there is sure to be a lot of progress. Telecommunication is an important aspect of resource development and the consumer durables industry's science.India currently has the world's second-largest telecoms market. It is predicted to have a subscriber base of over 1.2 billion customers, according to an estimate by the GSM Association.

Top Job Roles Annual Salary in INR
Network Planning Engineer 6.7 lakh
Software Analyst 4.6 lakh
Support Engineer 1.9 lakh

Let's have a look at the average wage for an digital communication engineer in each city:

City wise Annual Base Salary
Bangalore Rs 700115
Mumbai Rs 352,987
New Delhi Rs 403,365
Chennai Rs 508,682

Graduates of M.Tech in Digital Communications can work for the government.

In the public sector, there are numerous job options for M.Tech Digital Communications graduates. Graduates of engineering fields choose to work for the government because they may expect a solid wage and job stability. Some of the most common positions that students begin with are listed below:

Top Job Roles Annual Salary in INR
Software Analyst 4.6 lakh
Support Engineer 1.9 lakh
Research & Development Software Engineer 6.6 lakh

M.Tech Digital Communications Graduates Have Job Opportunities Abroad

M. Tech. in Digital Communications graduates can find attractive employment possibilities in a variety of industries. The following are some of the top job industries in this industry that are hiring MTech digital communication graduates and professionals:

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Research Organisations
  • CPWD
  • Defence
  • PWD
  • Posts and Telegraphs
  • Power Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Agricultural
  • Space Research Institutes

Leading Corporations

The top international firms that hire M.Tech in Digital Communications graduates are listed below:

  • Wipro
  • LG Electronics India Pvt.Ltd.
  • Siemens Limited
  • Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Idea Cellular Ltd.
  • Tech Mahindra Ltd.
  • Sony India Ltd.
  • Moser-Baer India Ltd.
  • MIRC Electronics Ltd.
  • Cambridge Solutions Ltd.


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