Overview about AURO University

AURO University, Surat, established under the Gujarat Private University Act, 2009, is a distinguished institution inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother. Envisioned as a premier center for Integral and Transformational Learning for Future Leaders, AURO University comprises seven schools, offering a diverse range of academic programs.
The schools include Business, Design, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Law, Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, and Journalism & Mass Communications. Recognized under the Gujarat State Private Universities Act, 2009, and UGC Act, 1956, AURO University is committed to holistic student development, boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced mentors, and a vibrant campus.
With over 30 undergraduate and postgraduate programs and a strong alumni network of 2200+, AURO University emphasizes global collaboration. Partnerships with entities like the IBM Innovation Centre of Education and Marriott International ensure industry-ready education, offering specializations in areas like AIML, Cyber Security & Forensics, and international internship opportunities.
The university's commitment extends beyond academics to sports and physical education, meeting international standards. Impressive facilities, including a Cricket Ground, Basketball Ground, Football Ground, and indoor sports facilities, contribute to a well-rounded student experience. Additionally, AURO University features a Meditation Room, Smart Classrooms, Computer Laboratories, Design Studios, and modern hostels with open spaces for extracurricular activities.
AURO University's dedication to integral education is further evidenced by the Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Centre, serving as a source of inspiration. The institution aligns its vision with regulatory expectations, ensuring excellence in sports infrastructure and various centers focusing on arts, creativity, language learning, rural management, innovation, incubation, entrepreneurship, family business, and legal aid clinic.

Year of establishment 2009
Accreditation by NAAC
Recognized by UGC
Campus Area  
Type Of Institution Private
Courses UG&PG
Mode of Application Online
Facilities · Sports facilities · Meditation Room · Smart Classrooms · Computer Laboratories · Language Laboratory · Design Studio

Leadership and Governance-   

  • Hon’ble Shri H.P. Rama

Founder President, AURO University, Surat, Gujarat

Admissions & selection procedure – 

AURO University welcomes applications from students who have completed their 12th grade or graduation from a recognized international education system. Don't hesitate to apply; we encourage your participation.

Student Life and Activities:-  

Sports Facilities:  AURO University takes pride in offering top-notch sports facilities, including a Cricket Ground, Basketball Ground, Volleyball facilities, and a Football Ground. These spaces provide students with opportunities for physical fitness, team sports, and recreational activities. The university's commitment to international standards ensures a well-rounded approach to physical education.

Meditation Room:

The Meditation Room at AURO University serves as a tranquil space for students to engage in mindfulness and reflection. Designed to provide a serene environment, this room is dedicated to promoting mental well-being and spiritual growth, aligning with the university's holistic approach to education.

Smart Classrooms:

AURO University is equipped with state-of-the-art Smart Classrooms. These technologically advanced learning spaces integrate modern teaching aids, audio-visual tools, and interactive technology to enhance the overall learning experience. Smart Classrooms facilitate dynamic and engaging lectures, fostering an interactive and effective educational environment.

Computer Laboratories:

The university features well-equipped Computer Laboratories, offering students access to the latest technology and software. These labs serve as hubs for practical learning in fields related to information technology, ensuring that students gain hands-on experience and stay abreast of technological advancements.

Language Laboratory:

AURO University understands the importance of language proficiency. The Language Laboratory is designed to enhance students' language skills through interactive sessions, multimedia resources, and language learning software. It provides a supportive environment for language development, catering to diverse linguistic needs.

Design Studio:

The Design Studio at AURO University is a creative space tailored for students in design-related disciplines. Equipped with tools, materials, and technology, this studio fosters innovation and hands-on learning. It serves as a hub for students to explore and express their creativity, ensuring a practical understanding of design principles.

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