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CAT 2022 Results

The CAT 2021 results have been released. Candidates can access their CAT result and scorecard on the website by entering their login ID and username. Each candidate's name, registration number, category, photo, sectional score, overall score, sectional percentile, and overall percentile are listed on the CAT 2021 aggregate scorecard. Only the online version of the CAT 2021 result is accessible. Following the announcement of the CAT results, the IIMs will begin shortlisting candidates for admission to the 2022-23 batch based on CAT cutoffs in order to choose candidates for the WAT-PI phase.

IIM Ahmedabad held the CAT 2021 exam in three sessions on November 28, 2021, and the preliminary answer key was issued on December 8, 2021. The final answer key for the CAT 2021 exam may be issued simultaneously with the results.

Highlights from the CAT Result 2021

  • The results of all CAT 2021 exam slots were released on the same day.
  • Nine contestants received a perfect score.
  • Seven of the 100%ilers have an engineering background.
  • No female candidate has received a perfect score this year.
  • There are 19 male candidates who have scored at the 99.99 percentile.
  • There are 19 contestants who scored in the 99.98 percentile, one of whom is female.
  • Only 16 people out of 99.99 percentile have a technical background.
  • In the 99.98 percentile, 15 people have an engineering background.

Check the CAT Result and Scorecard

The most important document for IIM admission is the CAT scores. The following information will be included on each candidate's CAT 2021 scorecard:

  • CAT 2021 user ID/registration number
  • Name, category, and gender of the candidate
  • Day of birth
  • Date and time of the examination
  • Candidate's contact information and email address
  • Scaled CAT score (overall)
  • CAT (Computer Assessment Test) score (section-wise)
  • Percentile score on the CAT (section-wise)
  • Percentile score on the CAT (overall)

CAT 2021 Marking Scheme

Before attempting to comprehend the distinction between percentile and score, it is necessary to become acquainted with the most recent CAT grading scheme.

CAT 2021 Marking Scheme
Types of Questions Marks Per Question Incorrect Answer
Multiple Choice Type +3 -1
Descriptive Answer Type (TITA) +3 No Negative Marking
Unattempted -- --
  • The amount of questions asked in the exam is expected to be reduced as the exam period has been reduced by 60 minutes.
  • The exam has a sectional time limit of 40 minutes.

What exactly is the CAT Percentile?

The CAT percentile varies. It is largely determined by the number of test participants and their exam scores. When a candidate's percentile is 90 percent, it signifies that he or she outperformed 90% of the other candidates who took the exam.

If 1000 people took the exam and X outperformed them all, then means X outperformed the other 999 people. To find X's CAT percentile, use the following formula:

999/1000x100= 99.9%

The CAT percentile can be seen of as a candidate's numerical rank. The following is the expected percentile range for CAT 2021 in terms of the candidates' scores:

CAT 2021 Percentile (Expected)
CAT 2021 Percentile Range CAT 2021 Overall Score
99+ 155-160
95-98 135-154
90-94 101-134
85-89 81-100
80-84 71-80
75-79 61-70
70-74 51-60

The table below shows the patterns of the CAT Percentile in relation to the sectoral scores achieved by applicants in the exam.

CAT Percentile (Section-wise)
Percentile Score VA-RC Score DI-LR Score QA Overall Score
99 percentile 70 51 57 161-164
95 percentile 59 40 40 127-130
90 percentile 52 34 31 107-110
85 percentile (cut off) 45 29 27 95-98

In general, each applicant receives 3 marks for a correct answer and 1 mark for each incorrect response in this exam. Negative marking is not available for non-MCQ questions. In three phases, the percentile is calculated.

  • For VARC, DILR, and QA, sectional scores are calculated.
  • The overall score is then recorded in the CAT scorecard.
  • The percentile is then derived after normalisation based on all of the contenders' scores.

Note: Percentile scores vary from year to year based on the total performance of all exam takers. As a result, candidates should concentrate on improving their scores rather than focusing on percentiles.

What does a CAT Scaled Score mean?

Because the CAT is held in many shifts, different sets of question papers are developed to evaluate the candidate's performance. However, the difficulty level of different sets may differ. CAT gives a scaled score, which is extracted after the normalisation procedure, to guarantee that scores are delivered in a just and equitable manner.

Important Instructions for the CAT Percentile 2021

Percentile: A percentile is a statistician's term for the number below which a certain percentage of data in a collection of observations fall. For example, if a student receives a 99 percentile in a class of 100 students, it signifies that he or she outperforms 99 other students. The candidate's Percentile is displayed in the CAT result 2021.

Scorecard: A typical CAT Scorecard will include information such as the candidate's name, sectional cutoffs, overall cutoffs, and so on. On January 2, 2021, the CAT 2020 scorecard was released.

Selection Process: The CAT 2021 Eligibility Criteria for admission are determined independently by IIMs and Non-IIM institutes, and each has its own selection process. The results will only be used to select candidates for their Post Graduate / Fellow Management Program(s).

Scores: There are two types of scores overall and sectional. Each IIM has a different sectional score cut off, which must be met in order to be admitted to that college. On the CAT Scorecard, both are mentioned.

Note that simply having a CAT Scorecard does not guarantee a candidate's acceptance into any of the colleges. To get admitted, each candidate must score over the cut-off level in the exam and engage in college counselling.

What Happens After the CAT 2021 Result?

  • A few days following the announcement of the IIM CAT result 2021, you will receive the most awaited "calls" from the coveted IIMs for the next stage of the selection process, based on your percentile.
  • The WAT/GD-PI rounds are the next step. Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD), and Personal Interview (PI) are acronyms for Written Ability Test, Group Discussion, and Personal Interview, respectively.
  • In most institutes, the WAT/GD-PI round takes place in February and March, with admission offer letters being sent out in April and May to successful students.
  • Each institute makes its admissions procedure and criteria public in advance. The selection criteria can be found on the different institutes/colleges' official websites.
  • Written Ability Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview
  • Topics for all three of these processes could contain static GK or current events, factual or case-based, argumentative, abstract, or opinion-based information.

Helpdesk for CAT 2021 Results

Candidates should contact the conducting authorities on the following portals if they detect any anomalies in their CAT Scorecards:
Contact Number: 1800-209-0830

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