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SNAP 2022 Exam Pattern

The Symbiosis International (Deemed) University's test conducting committee prescribes the SNAP exam pattern (SIU). The SNAP pattern saw significant adjustments last year, including a drop in exam duration and overall number of questions. Traditionally, the SNAP exam was only given once a year, but in 2020 and 2021, it was given three times, with candidates getting two chances each time. SNAP 2022 will again be held across three days, with candidates getting two chances.

The SNAP exam schedule and test structure have remained same for this year. Exam parameters such as section-by-section weighting, marking scheme, and sectional time limit are included in the SNAP 2022 exam pattern.

Highlights of the SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern

The SNAP exam paper is divided into two categories and has four sections.

Normal questions will be objective in character, such as multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Each question will have four possible solutions, from which one must be chosen that appears to be the most appropriate.

Fill-in-the-blank questions will be included in the special questions, and answers will be typed using a virtual keyboard. For instance, if the inquiry is "What is Australia's capital?" Using a virtual keyboard, a candidate must type the answer as CANBERRA.

The table below lists the SNAP paper pattern 2022.

Number of Sections 4
Marks For Each Correct Answer General English, Quantitative Ability, DI & DS and General Awareness, Analytical and logical reasoning: 1 mark each question
Negative Marking 1/4th (25%) of marks allotted to question
Duration 1 hour (60 minutes)
Number of Questions 60 questions
Total Marks 60 marks
Mode Online

Question Paper for SNAP 2021

For reference, the table below shows the structure of a prior year's SNAP question paper and the difficulty level of each section:

Section No. of Questions Total Marks Marking Scheme Level of Difficulty
General English 15 15 +1/-0.25 Moderate
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 25 25 +1/-0.25 Easy
Quantitative, DI, Data Sufficiency 20 20 +1/-0.25 Easy - Moderate
Total 60 60 - Easy - Moderate

Marking Schee for the SNAP Exam Pattern 2022

The marking scheme is determined by Symbiosis University's official authority. Official authorities strive to issue alerts on a frequent basis in order to prevent disinformation from spreading and to respond to any questions about the exam pattern.

Every year, the marking scheme varies in response to trends and a few other determining variables. Candidates should be familiar with the SNAP exam pattern's marking scheme before taking the exam. In the table below, you'll find the marking scheme.

SNAP exam pattern 2022 Marking Scheme
Type of Question Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
Normal Question 1 mark for all the sections in the 2022 SNAP exam pattern -0.25 or deduction of 25% of the total weightage of the question
Special Question No special questions in the 2022 SNAP exam pattern No special questions in the 2022 SNAP exam pattern

Marks Distribution in the SNAP Exam Pattern 2022

Applicants are encouraged to review the test pattern marks distribution to learn about the weighting of different sections in the exam pattern. The table below shows the marks distribution for the constituent sections of SNAP 2022 according to the exam pattern. The SNAP scoring pattern will include a variety of weighted questions.

SNAP Exam Pattern Marks Distribution 2022
Section Number of Questions Marks-Correct Answer Marks-Incorrect Answer Total Marks
General English: Reading Comprehension (RC), Verbal Reasoning & Verbal Ability (VA) 15 1 -0.25 15
Analytical & Logical Reasoning (LR) 25 1 -0.25 25
Data Interpretation (DI), Quantitative Aptitude & Data Sufficiency 20 1 -0.25 20
Total 60 - 60

Important Guidelines for the SNAP Exam Pattern 2022

Candidates should be able to create their preparation approach after examining the SNAP test pattern. There are a few key parameters for this year's question patterns that applicants should be aware of before taking the exam. These recommendations will also assist applicants in comprehending the scoring system in terms of the question paper's structure. The following are key elements to remember when marking the SNAP paper pattern.

  • For marking inaccurate or incorrect responses, a penalty of marks will be charged, i.e. negative marking will be used. According to the exam format, a quarter of a mark will be deducted from a candidate's total score for each incorrect response.
  • According to the SNAP exam pattern rules, a student's total score will not be reduced if he or she leaves a question blank or fails to attempt it.
  • There will be no variable marking; each question in the exam pattern will be worth one point.
  • According to the General Knowledge pattern, marking two alternatives is considered a bad answer, and negative marking will be applied accordingly.
  • The exam will last one hour, according to the exam pattern.
  • Once a year, candidates are able to apply for the exam.
  • Check the eligibility conditions for SNAP 2022 before studying the SNAP question pattern 2022.
  • Candidates can answer questions in whatever order they desire; the exam pattern does not specify a pre-determined order or time limit.

Changes in the SNAP Exam Pattern in the Last Four Years

Although the SNAP exam pattern has not changed this year, it has changed dramatically in the previous three years. Check out the table below to see how the SNAP pattern has changed since 2018:

Features SNAP 2021 SNAP 2020 SNAP 2019 SNAP 2018
Exam sections General English QA, DI-DS A-LR General English QA, DI-DS A-LR General English QA, DI-DS A-LR General English QA, DI-DS A-LR Current Affairs
Total Number of questions 60 60 110 130
Section-wise questions General English: 15 QA, DI-DS: 20 A-LR: 25 General English: 15 QA, DI-DS: 20 A-LR: 25 General English: 34 QA, DI-DS: 40 A-LR: 36 General English: 35 QA, DI-DS: 35 A-LR:35 Current Affairs: 25
Marking scheme +1 for each right answer +1 for each right answer General English: 1.5 marks for each right answer A-LR: 1.5 marks for each right answer QA, DI-DS: 1 mark for each right answer for MCQs and 2 marks for each right answer for non MCQs +1 for each right answer for MCQs +2 for each right answer for Non-MCQs
Negative marking 0.25 marks 0.25 marks 0.25 marks 0.25 marks
Section-wise marks General English: 15 QA, DI-DS: 20 A-LR: 25 General English: 15 QA, DI-DS: 20 A-LR: 25 General English: 51 QA, DI-DS: 45 A-LR: 54 General English: 40 QA, DI-DS: 40 A-LR: 40 Current Affairs: 30
Total marks 60 60 150 150
Total time limit 60 minutes 60 minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes
Question type MCQ MCQ MCQ and non-MCQ MCQ and non-MCQ
Number of attempts 2 2 1 1

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