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UPESMET 2022 Syllabus

The University of Petroleum & Energy Studies has established the UPESMET curriculum. The UPESMET exam has a course that is similar to those of other MBA admission exams. Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Reasoning, English, and General Awareness are the four subjects covered. Aspirants must completely review the UPESMET 2022 syllabus in order to design a study strategy and identify the sections that require extra attention. Read on for section-by-section coverage of the syllabus, recommended books for UPESMET, and exam tips:

  • UPESMET Syllabus 2022 Questions in Quantitative Aptitude covers all areas in mathematics from class 9 to 12, including Arithmetic, Number System, Geometry, and Mensuration.
  • Syllogism, Venn Diagrams, Statements, and other topics are covered in the Analytical Reasoning part, which is designed to examine a candidate's ability to analyse analytical data.
  • The English portion assesses a candidate's grammar, punctuation, and reading comprehension skills.
  • The General Awareness section assesses a candidate's understanding of current events. Questions on Economy & Business, Current Affairs, Personality, and Awards, among other topics, are asked in this section.

Quantitative Ability Syllabus at UPESMET

The table below lists important subjects from the Quantitative Ability component of the UPESMET 2022 exam:

Quantitative Ability Topics
Arithmetic Algebra Geometry
Number System Modern Mathematics Higher Maths
Mensuration Trigonometry HCF
LCM Arithmetic Progression Arithmetic Mean
Geometric Progression Geometric Mean Harmonic Mean
Median Mode BODMAS
Ratio and Proportion Percentage Average
Partnership Time, Speed, Distance Work and Time
Profit and Loss Instalments and Payments Partnership
Clocks Work and Time Pipe and Cisterns
Lines Angles and Triangles Cubes and Cones

UPESMET Analytical Reasoning Syllabus

The table below lists important subjects in the Analytical Reasoning component of the UPESMET 2022 exam:

Analytical Reasoning Topics
Data Arrangement Seating Arrangement Blood Relations
Family Tree Venn Diagram Matching Puzzles
Constraint-Based Puzzles Syllogism Proposition
Assumptions Statements Binary Logic
Clocks and Calendars Sets

UPESMET English Syllabus

The table below lists the important topics covered in the English component of the UPESMET 2022 exam:

English and Verbal Ability Topics
Reading and Comprehension Sentence Correction Para Jumbleand Completion
Fact Inference Judgement Grammar and Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Syllabus for General Awareness at UPESMET

The table below lists important subjects from the UPESMET 2022 exam's General Awareness section:

General Awareness Topics
Awards and winners History and Geography Static GK
Business and Politics Constitution of India Personalities
Government and Economy World Events Current Affairs

Preparation for UPES MET 2022

It is critical to prepare for any exam. Understanding the syllabus is a crucial element of the preparation process. Candidates can follow the themes and learn the concepts by using the topics on the page. If there is organisation, the preparation will be easy. As a result, applicants can follow a simple strategy by using the criteria listed below to maximise their exam benefits.

  • Create a study strategy and stick to it.
  • Gather the books needed for each section of the exam.
  • Do not attempt any queries that the candidate is unsure about.
  • Increase your self-assurance.
  • Candidates can read UPES MET reference books to improve their preparation.

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