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JEE Main Books

Candidates must have JEE Main reference books in order to prepare for the exam. Every year, over a million people apply for JEE Main. Candidates spend years studying for this exam since passing it without appropriate preparation is difficult. To ace this test, candidates must commit a significant amount of time and effort. NTA has begun holding JEE Main four times a year to assist reduce stress levels. This section discusses the study materials and preparatory books that students would need for a successful JEE Main preparation.

B.Tech & B.E. JEE Main Preparation Books

The test is given for a total of four courses. Apart from the IIITs and NITs, JEE Main scores are accepted by a number of colleges. The B.Tech and B.E. question paper will be divided into four sections: mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Candidates who want to study for JEE Mains should use the top JEE Mains books. The following are some of the top books for IIT JEE Main preparation:

The Best Books for JEE Main Physics Preparation in 2022

Physics is typically thought to be difficult since students must learn both theory and applications. The JEE Main Physics paper is unique in that 80 percent of the topics in Section A are drawn from the mandated theoretical section, while the remaining 20% are drawn from the practical component (experimental skills).

JEE Main Reference Books for Physics 2022
Book Title Author/Publication
Concepts of Physics (Vol I & II) H.C. Verma
Problems in Physics I.E. Irodov
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
Problems in Physics A.A. Pinsky
Feynman Lectures on Physics R.P. Feynman
Aptitude Test Problems in Physics Krotov

The table below lists some additional textbooks that can be used to help candidates prepare for the Physics section:

NCERT Physics Classes XI & XII (PART 1) NCERT Physics Classes XI & XII (PART 2) Physics: Very Advanced level
Resnick, Halliday, and Walker (Optional) Concepts of Physics by HC Verma Vol-1 Concepts of Physics by HC Verma Vol-2
Understanding the Physics of Electricity & Magnetism by DC Pandey Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Optics & Modern Physics by DC Pandey Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Waves & Thermodynamics by DC Pandey
Concepts of Modern Physics (SIE) by Arthur, Shobhit Mahajan, and S. Rai Choudhury Problems In General Physics by IE Irodov Physics Volume 1- Resnick Halliday
Physics Volume 2- Resnick Halliday New Pattern Physics- DC Pandey New Pattern Physics- DC Pandey

Best Chemistry Books for JEE Main 2022 Preparation

Many students perceive Chemistry to be a simple topic to study because there are less calculations, equations, and more theory to master. However, it is also seen as a difficult subject because there are so many theoretical concepts to understand. The table below lists books for JEE Main that are divided into organic and inorganic topics.

JEE Main Chemistry Books to Read:

JEE Main Reference Books for Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry by Solomons O.P. Tandon?s Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry by Arihant Prakashan J.D. Lee?s Concise Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes NCERT for Class XI & XII
Organic Chemistry by Bahal & Bahal University Chemistry
Organic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

The table below lists some additional textbooks that might be used to help candidates prepare for the Chemistry section:

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee. NCERT Exemplar Problems: Solutions Chemistry Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison.
Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur (Objective) Arihant Organic Chemistry Objective (Optional) Physical Chemistry for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced) Vol-1 and Vol-2
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee. Numerical Chemistry 22/E by P Bahadur. A Master Resource Book in Chemistry by Sanjay Sharma.

Best Maths Preparation Books for JEE Main 2022

Mathematics is a subject that is riddled with difficulties. While students who find it easy understand that it is full of calculations and scoring, students who find it difficult must fight to master the necessary formulae or reasoning and apply it to solve problems. Students can practise as many questions as they can using the best books for JEE Main preparation, as advised by toppers of the test, which are listed below.

The table below lists some additional textbooks that can be used to help candidates prepare for the Mathematics section:

NCERT Maths 12th Grade NCERT Maths 10th Grade A. Das Gupta Objective
S.L. Loney for Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry G.N. Berman: This book is specifically used for Calculus. I.A. Maron and A Das Gupta (Subjective)
RD Sharma class 12th VOL 1 RD Sharma class 12th VOL 2 RD Sharma Class 10th
RD Sharma Class 11th Coordinate Geometry for IIT JEE by SK Goyal Integral Calculus for IIT JEE by Amit Agarwal
Vectors & 3D Geometry by Arihant Publications Trigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publications Chapter-wise and Topic-wise Solved Papers (1979 - 2016) by Amit Agarwal
A Practice Book of Mathematics JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publication NCERT Exemplar Problems: Solutions MathematicsClass 11 NCERT Exemplar Problems: Solutions MathematicsClass 12

B.Plan & B.Arch JEE Main Preparation Books

The second paper is for undergraduate architecture and planning students. The candidates will be tested on their math, aptitude, and drawing skills. The following are the greatest reference books to help applicants study for the B.Plan and B.Arch exams:

JEE Main B.Plan and B.Arch Reference Books
Title Author/Publication
A complete self-study guide for B.Arch entrance examinations P.K. Mishra
NATA & B.Arch Full Package NATA 360
Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Agarwal
Architecture Entrance Books P.K. Mishra
B.Arch/B.Plan Aptitude Test for JEE Main S.C. Garg

2022 JEE Main Syllabus

Candidates are recommended to cover all topics while studying for the exam, as the competition is fierce. To effectively cover such a large syllabus, it is necessary to begin studying at least 8 months before the exam. The following are the most essential topics from the JEE Main Syllabus 2022 that carry the most weightage.

Important Topics for JEE Main 2022
Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Heat and Thermodynamics Atomic Structure 3D Geometry
Semiconductors Gaseous and Liquid State Sequence and series
Photoelectric Effect Electrochemistry Determinants and matrices
Oscillations p-Block Elements Straight Line
Electrostatics Coordination Compounds Vector
Current Electricity and Capacitors Alkyl Halides Circle
Ray Optics Thermodynamics Probability Distribution
Error and Instrument Analysis Aromatic Compounds Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability
Rotation Chemical Kinetics Applications of derivatives
Kinematics Nuclear and Surface Chemistry Conic sections
Magnetic Effects or Current and Magnetism Chemical Bonding Complex numbers
Properties of Matter d-Block Elements Binomial Theorem and MI
Electromagnetic Waves Carboxylic Acids and its Derivatives --
Gravitation Aldehydes and Ketones
Wave Optics Isomerism
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current General Organic Chemistry
Bohr's Atomic Model --
Waves and Sounds

How do you pick the best book for JEE Main 2022 prep?

Candidates' choice of books for JEE main 2022 preparation must include the following features:

  • You must cover all of the topics on the syllabus: Every JEE Main 2022 preparation book's index will have a list of subjects covered in the book. Candidates should read the table of contents carefully and compare it to the exam's syllabus and exam pattern. Comparing the contents of two or more books will provide insight into the JEE Main preparation book, which covers a wide range of topics. Investing in JEE major books that are near to the syllabus can be beneficial.
  • Choose the most recent edition of any JEE Main Preparation Book: Candidates can choose the most recent edition of the book based on the year of publication, which will also include updated content.
  • It's preferable if the book includes practice tests or sample papers: Candidates can practice questions after covering themes in IIT JEE Main preparation books that include sample / mock test papers.
  • It has to be authored by a well-known author: Purchasing books written by well-known writers and publications will be beneficial. These books will contain more accurate information from reliable sources.

Purchasing high-quality reference books for JEE mains preparation is critical because they will aid applicants in fully comprehending challenging themes.

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