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UCEED 2022 Exam Centers

The UCEED 2022 exam was held in 24 different locations. While filling out their application forms, candidates might choose their UCEED exam centres for 2022. Candidates had to be cautious while choosing a test centre because the authorities did not allow them to modify their minds.

Exam Centers for UCEED 2022

In the UCEED 2022 application form, the candidate must select the centres. For the exam, there are 24 exam centres. Candidates should also verify the UCEED reporting time at the centre, since no one will be allowed to enter the examination hall after a specific time has passed. As a result, the candidates must arrive on time. Candidates are responsible for checking the UCEED exam centre for specific locations to minimise delays on exam day. The following is a list of test centres.

UCEED 2022 Exam Centres
Ahmedabad Jaipur
Bengaluru Lucknow
Bhopal Kolkata
Bhubaneswar Kozhikode
Chandigarh Mumbai
Chennai Nagpur
Dehradun Patna
Delhi Pune
Ernakulam Raipur
Panaji Thiruvananthapuram
Guwahati Thrissur
Hyderabad Vishakhapatnam


  • Candidates must choose three cities from among the UCEED Exam centres 2022, in order of preference, while submitting their online application. A request to amend the city after the application has been submitted will not be considered under any circumstances.
  • If there are insufficient candidates in a specified city, that city may be removed from the final list, and those candidates will be sent to a centre in their second or third preference city.
  • Furthermore, the Committee reserves the right to add a new city/ town, remove an existing one, and allot a city/ town that may not be among a candidate's selections due to operational contingencies.
  • There may be more than one examination centre in a listed city. Under no circumstances can a request for a change of centre within the same city/town be granted.

UCEED 2022 Exam Center - International Center (Dubai)

Candidates who choose the Dubai centre must also select two cities from the list of over 24 Indian cities, in order of preference, during the online application process. If there are fewer than 25 registrations, the Dubai centre may be removed from the final list, and candidates will be assigned to one of the two Indian locations of their choice, in order of preference.

Exam Day Instructions for UCEED 2022

At the UCEED Exam Centers 2022, candidates taking the exam must follow the following guidelines.

  • To the exam centres, candidates must bring their UCEED 2022 admit card as well as a valid copy of their identity evidence.
  • To the exam centres, students must bring an original copy of their identity card. The identity proof must be in digital or photocopy format.
  • UCEED Reporting Time to arrive at the exam centre: Candidates must arrive at the exam centre one hour prior to the start of the entrance exam.
  • At the test centre, candidates must demonstrate their eligibility to the appropriate authority.
  • Impersonation in the UCEED 2022 exam is a serious offence that will result in the candidate's disqualification as well as criminal charges.
  • Candidates must stay in the examination room for the entire duration of the exam.
  • On the exam day, the candidate must check and be present at the correct centre, as indicated by the address and schedule on the admission card.
  • The candidate's identification will be verified by invigilators and IIT representatives. If a candidate's identification is in question, he or she may be denied permission to take the exam.
  • Any electronic device (cell phones, smartphones, digital/smart watches, calculators, tablets), abacus, slide rule, logbooks, study material of any kind, geometry box, and so on will not be permitted in the test hall.
  • The examination's Part-A is a computer-based test. If a candidate has any technical difficulties, he or she may seek assistance from the invigilator, who will take prompt action to resolve the issue or allocate an alternative computer terminal if necessary. Even if there is a technical problem, candidates will be given the entire allocated time to complete their paper, and any time lost due to technical problems will be instantly rectified in the server.

What to bring with you to the UCEED 2022 Exam Center

The UCEED is a computer-based examination. Candidates should, however, bring a pen or pencil to the test. Candidates are also recommended to bring the documents listed below to their UCEED exam centre in 2022.

  • UCEED Admit Card: The UCEED Admit Card is a required document to bring to the test centre. Candidates who do not have a legitimate copy of their admission card will be denied the opportunity to take the exam.
  • Photo ID: It is also recommended that candidates bring a valid and original photo ID to the exam centre. Candidates may bring papers such as a PAN card, a driver's licence, a voter ID card, a passport, an Aadhaar card, or a ration card.
  • Photo: Finally, candidates should bring a passport-sized photograph to the test centre. The photograph must be the same as the one used by applicants while filling out the application form.

Things to Avoid Bringing to the UCEED Exam Centers in 2022

The UCEED exam conducting authority (IIT Bombay) has listed a few items that applicants are not permitted to bring to the exam centre; these items are listed below.

  • Electronic devices
  • Mobile phones
  • Smartphones
  • Digital/ smartwatches
  • Calculators
  • Tablets etc
  • Abacus
  • Slide rule
  • Logbooks
  • The study material of any type
  • Geometry box

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