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UPESEAT 2022 Books

Applicants should carefully choose the literature they will use to prepare for the UPESEAT. Although no special UPESEAT books have been created for the exam, there are numerous publications covering the UPESEAT course that are available both online and offline. For specific disciplines, students can choose from a variety of conventional reference books. The books included on this page contain high-quality content and preparation strategies that can assist aspirants in improving their UPESEAT 2022 scores.

Preparation Books for the UPESEAT 2022 Exam|

Applicants should choose the UPESEAT preparing books after conducting thorough research. When choosing books for UPESEAT 2022, the most recent version of the book should be considered. The chosen book's material should be precise and simple to comprehend. Some study resources are available as pdfs on the internet. The following is a list of good UPESEAT preparation books.

Name of the Book Author Publisher
Advanced Level Physics Nelkon and Parker CBS Publishers
Concepts of Physics Vol.I H.C.Verma Bharti Bhawan
Concepts of Physics Vol.II H.C.Verma Bharti Bhawan
Problems in Physics A.A.Pinsky Mir Publishers
Advanced Problems in Physical Chemistry Dr.P.Bahadur GRB Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Textbook of Organic Chemistry Dr.R.K.Gupta Arihant Publications
IIT JEE Chemistry Vol. I & Vol. II Dr.O.P.Agarwal JP Nath Publications
Senior Secondary School Mathematics for Class 11 R.S.Aggarwal Bharti Bhawan
Senior Secondary School Mathematics for Class 12 R.S.Aggarwal Bharti Bhawan

Tips for UPESEAT 2022 Preparation

The following are some essential points for you to keep in mind as you prepare for the UPESEAT 2022.

  • Create a study schedule: Begin your studies by creating a realistic schedule that covers all of the syllabus topics in the time allotted for preparation.
  • Effective time management: Plan your days and hours ahead of time. Spend more time practising the topics that demand the most practise and are the source of the majority of queries.
  • Solve UPESEAT past year question papers: The more sample papers candidates practise, the better they will understand the test pattern and allocation of marks.
  • Take UPESEAT practise tests: Candidates must attempt to pass numerous practise examinations before taking the UPESEAT 2022. Candidates can use mock exam papers

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