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WBJEE 2022 Exam Pattern

The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board has issued the WBJEE 2022 test pattern (WBJEEB). Candidates may now check the WBJEE test pattern 2022 for various data about the entrance examination. The WBJEE exam pattern contains information such as the mode, duration, type of questions, number of questions, marking scheme, and more. Before beginning their preparation, candidates should review the WBJEE 2022 exam pattern. Candidates should also review the official syllabus in addition to the WBJEE test pattern. To learn more about the WBJEE Exam Pattern 2022, read the entire article.

Highlights of the WBJEE Exam Pattern 2022

The WBJEE 2022 exam is held in West Bengal to allow individuals to apply for professional degrees such as Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, and Architecture. The table below provides an overview of the WBJEE test pattern 2022 as well as other exam-related information.

WBJEE Exam Pattern 2022 Highlights
Question type Multiple Choice Question i.e. MCQs or Objective
Mode of the exam Offline or Pen-paper based
Answering mode Optical Mark Recognition i.e. OMR
Duration 2 hours for each paper (a total of 4 hours)
Total marks 200
Number of papers Paper-I: Mathematics
Paper-II: Physics and Chemistry
Number of questions Mathematics: 75 questions
Physics: 40 questions
Chemistry: 40 questions
Marking scheme Category-I: +1, -0.25
Category-II: +2, -0.5
Category-III: No negative marking

Exam Pattern for WBJEE 2022: Mode of Answering

  • 2022 WBJEE Questions are to be answered on an OMR (Optical Machine Readable Response) sheet that has been particularly created.
  • The sheet is assessed using the Optical Mark Recognition technique.
  • Because each question contains four possible answers, the candidate must indicate their choice by completely darkening the corresponding circle with a blue/black ballpoint pen.
  • Any other type of marking, such as incomplete filling of the bubble, pencil filling, cross mark, tick mark, dot mark, circular mark, overwriting, scratching, erasing, white ink, marking outside the bubble, etc., may result in incorrect/partial/ambiguous response reading.
  • The responses that have been marked cannot be edited, changed, erased, or amended. As a result, it is recommended that the candidate be certain of the answer before marking and not leave any stray marks on which he or she does not like to attempt.

Subject-Wise Question Distribution in WBJEE 2022

All of the questions will be Multiple Choice Questions, with four options for each of them. In each of the disciplines, there will be three types of questions. The number of questions and maximum marks for each are listed in the table below:

Category Chemistry Mathematics Physics
Category 1 1 Mark (30 questions) 1 Mark (50 questions) 1 Mark (30 questions)
Category 2 2 Marks (5 Questions) 2 Marks (15 questions) 2 Marks (5 questions)
Category 3 2 Marks (5 questions) 2 Marks (5 questions) 2 Marks (5 questions)
Total Marks 50 100 50

Marking Scheme for WBJEE 2022

The table below contains information about the WBJEE exam pattern and marking structure for the WBJEE 2022 exam.

WBJEE 2022 Marking Scheme
Subject Question Category 1 Question Category 2 Question Category 3 Total Number of Questions Total Marks
Biological Sciences 80x1 marks 25x2 marks 10x2 marks 115 150
Physics 30x1 marks 5x2 marks 5x2 marks 40 50
Chemistry 30x1 marks 5x2 marks 5x2 marks 40 50
Mathematics 50x1 marks 15x2 marks 10x2 marks 75 100

Question Category 1

Only one option is accurate, and it earns you one mark. A 1 (one) mark will be awarded to the correct answer.

Option yielded incorrectly Negative Marking: If you choose the incorrect answer, you will receive a score of -14 (negative 14).

Combination of right and wrong: Any response that includes more than one option is considered erroneous and will receive a score of -14 (negative 14).

Question Category 2

The correct answer earns you two points: There is just one option that is correct. The correct answer will earn you 2 (two) points.

Negative Marking: If you choose the incorrect option, you will receive a score of -12 (negative 12).

Combination of Answers: Any response that includes more than one option is considered incorrect and will receive a score of -12 (negative 12).

Question Category 3

Selecting correct options: Select one or more correct options. Only 2 (two) marks will be awarded if you mark all of the correct alternatives. The following is a list of erroneous answers: Any combination of answers that include one or more erroneous options is considered incorrect, and it receives a zero (0) mark.

Answers that are just partially correct: Marks granted = 2 X (number of correct options marked) / (number of incorrect options noted) for partially correct responses, i.e. when all correct alternatives are not marked and no incorrect options are marked (total no of actually correct options).

Note: Candidates should keep in mind that the dates shown above are tentative and hence subject to change.

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