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WBJEE 2022 Books

Before you begin your WBJEE 2022 preparation, look over the WBJEE 2022 syllabus extensively to acquire a sense of the topics that will be covered in the test. Then you should browse through the sample papers and solved papers to get a sense of how challenging the paper is. Candidates must collect all study materials in order to adequately prepare for the WBJEE 2022 Exam. Please look to the Version of the book before purchasing any books; it is usually a good idea to have the most recent edition of the book. We've compiled a list of some of the top books for WBJEE 2022, which can be found below.

WBJEE Reference Books are books written by members of the WBJEE.

We have given you with subject-specific listings of all reference materials as well as solved questions from past exams. You can also check at the WBJEE Sample Papers.

Physics Reference Books for WBJEE

The Physics subject reference books for the WBJEE test are listed below.

WBJEE Physics Reference Books
Name of the Book Publication/Author
Physics (Theory Only) NCERT
Understanding Physics Series (For Practice) D.C.Pandey
Concepts of Physics (Theory and Practice) H.C.Verma
Principles of Physics Resnick, Halliday, and Walker

Mathematics Reference Books for WBJEE

The Mathematics topic reference books for the WBJEE test are listed below.

WBJEE Mathematics Reference Books
Name of the Book Publication/Author
Objective Mathematics R.D. Sharma
Mathematics NCERT
Chhaya Mathematics - WBCHSE(English Version) SN Dey
Mathematics S K Goyal(Arihant Publication)

Chemistry Reference Books for WBJEE

The Chemistry subject reference books for the WBJEE test are listed below.

WBJEE Chemistry Reference Books
Name of the Book Publication/Author
Chemistry (Best Recommended Book for WBJEE) NCERT
Inorganic Chemistry (For Theory and Practice) O.P.Tandon
Organic Chemistry (For Theory and Mechanism) Arihant Publication
Physical Chemistry (For Practice) O.P. Tandon
Organic Chemistry Morrison & Boyd
Objective Chemistry Dinesh Publication

Best WBJEE Study Guides

The practise books for the WBJEE exam are listed here, along with some of the finest books for WBJEE Engineering preparation.

Best WBJEE Practice Books
Name of tde Book Publication/Author
WB JEE Engineering Entrance Exam 2022 Solved Papers (2018-2006) Arihant
Chapter-wise Explorer WB JEE 2017 ? Physics & Chemistry MTG Learning Media

Tips for WBJEE Preparation

It is usually beneficial to have a set of rules to follow when studying for a test; without one, students are more likely to overlook important details. Candidates can use the WBJEE preparation strategies listed below to help them overcome this issue and prepare for the exam effectively.

  • Students should first construct a study plan that includes what they will study, when they will study it, and how they will study it. Having a study plan helps ensure that you do not get off track with your preparation. This will, for example, assist you in keeping track of topics you have yet to begin and ones you need to revise.
  • Time Management: With so many things to cover, it's easy to become overwhelmed and panic, which leads to poor time management.
  • Students can rank the most important topics in descending order to ensure that they are covered no matter what. This can be done on the calendar you're about to create as well.
  • Familiarity with the syllabus: Even if you're marking topics that aren't as important, it's not a good idea to skip a topic. Learn everything there is to know about the WBJEE syllabus.
  • Questions from previous years: Always use the previous year's question paper, as well as the WBJEE books with solved papers, to aid you in ways you never anticipated.
  • Revision: Go over topics over and again until they are completely clear. You can also make notes about concepts you're having problems with, which you can refer to later.

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