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WBJEE 2022 Exam Syllabus

The syllabus for the WBJEE exam is usually released concurrently with the formal notification by the WBJEEB. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics make up the WBJEE 2022 Syllabus. It is primarily based on textbooks for classes XI and XII. Candidates can use these books to study the WBJEE syllabus and supplement their preparation with other study materials including as practise books, study guides, mock exams, and previous year's question papers.

Students can also use the WBJEE study books provided in this post to help them prepare for the exam. We've also added some WBJEE preparation advice for pupils to look over. The WBJEE 2022 Exam question paper will be based on the syllabus, and nothing outside of the syllabus will be asked. In order to perform well in the exam, students need properly comprehend and study the WBJEE 2022 Syllabus. Below is a detailed topic-by-topic WBJEE 2022 Syllabus and WBJEE test pattern for candidates.

Syllabus for WBJEE 2022

Candidates can review the WBJEE 2022 syllabus in depth in the tables below.

Physics Syllabus for WBJEE 2022

Physical World, Measurements, Units & dimensions
Laws of motion
Surface tension
Bulk properties of matter
Kinetic theory of gases
Current Electricity
Oscillations & Waves
Magnetic effect of current
Electromagnetic induction & alternating current
Electromagnetic waves
Nuclear Physics
Solid State Electronics
Optics I (Ray optics)
Optics II (Wave Optics)

Chemistry Syllabus for WBJEE 2022

Atomic Structure
The Periodic Table and Chemical Families
Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry
Coordination Compounds
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Solid State
Liquid State
Gaseous State
Chemical Energetics and Chemical Dynamics
Physical Chemistry of Solutions
Ionic and Redox Equilibria
Chemistry of Non-Metallic Elements and their Compounds
Chemistry of Metals
Chemistry in Industry
Surface Chemistry
Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
Environmental Chemistry
Aromatic Compounds
Application Oriented chemistry
Principles of Qualitative Analysis

Mathematics Syllabus for WBJEE 2022

Complex Numbers
Quadratic Equations
Permutation and combination:
Principle of mathematical induction
Binomial theorem
Sets, Relations and Mappings
Statistics and Probability
Two dimensions Coordinate geometry
Three dimensions Co-ordinate geometry
Differential Equations
Integral calculus
Differential calculus

Important Topics in WBJEE 2022 Syllabus

Candidates can check the subject-wise important topics in the WBJEE syllabus from the tables given below.

WBJEE Important Topics in Physics

Important topics Chapter Weightage
Wave Motion 5%
Nuclear Physics 5%
Solids & Semiconductor Devices 5%
Modern Physics ? Atomic Models 5%
Laws of Motion 4%
Rotational Motion 4%

WBJEE Important Topics in Chemistry

Important Topics Chapter Weightage
p- Block Elements 6%
Redox Reactions 5%
Ionic Equilibrium 4%
Chemical Equilibrium 4%
Coordination Compounds 4%
Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives 4%
Alcohol Phenol Ether 4%
Chemical Thermodynamics 4%

WBJEE Important Topics in Mathematics

Important Topics Chapter Weightage
Vectors 7%
Probability 7%
3-D Geometry 6%
Matrices & Determinants 5%
Limits 5%
Indefinite Integration 5%
Sets, Relation & Functions 5%
Definite Integration 5%
Theory of Equations 4%
Permutation & Combination 4%
Complex Numbers 4%

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